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Advantages Of 3d Technology

Three dimension figure technology has been through a long journey. This journey has allowed the technology in terms of improvements, innovations and client experience. Thus the quality of the 3D technology in the market is arguably the best.3D has changed the World completely. With software’s such as the 3d Vr software a new dawn has been opened. Some of the areas were yearning for such technology. Some of the sectors which have gained tremendously from 3d Vr software and 3D in general include; Architecture, engineering, medicine, printing and criminology. Thus some of the advantages accruing these sectors as a result of using 3d and virtual reality software include,

  1. Saves on cost.

Basically in each and every sector 3D has been employed, reduction in costs has been experienced. Taking a case study of the printing industry. Before the emergence of this technology printing on many items required each a single slide.3d technology led to creation of single slides which can be adjusted and suit a variety of needs. A single slide can also be pasted on multiple items simultaneously using 3D technology. This has greatly reduced costs.

  1. Saves on time.

3D allows complex activities to be done in quite a very short time period. In the architecture niche, designing one project could take hours using pen and paper. With the use of 3D technology software’s and a computer, one finishes within a few hours. Though some details are best captured using the old method, generally 3D saves on time.

  1. Reduction of risksvirtual+reality_7

Risks are part and parcel of human life. No human would love risks on the negative edge. Due to this fact engineers test every bit of their creations before being put into production .In the motor vehicle assembly once engineers come up with a new car model, simulated models are used for test purposes. A model of the new creation is created using 3D technology, the same technology is used to test the product. For instance it is possible to simulate in a computer how an SUV would react to wind at high speeds. If a real model was to be used, this would make the undertaking very risky.

  1. Allows for clear flow of information.

3d models are extensively used to carry out market research. Once an item is launched the customers get the firs experience. Information from the clients is obtained and used to create 3D models of the item as suggested by the client. The clients can further test the modeled item and give their feedback. Clearly this illustrates a free flow of information enhanced by 3D technology.

  1. Allows for personal personalization of items.

In a product line, all items produced are the same. Some clients would love to have a better feeling of the same product. In order to achieve this the existing product need to be modified according to client specification. On the same production line many clients make a similar demand too.3D imaging technology and related software’s is used to give each client a different feel, all on the same production line.